Q: How long is your ceremony?
A: Usually about 25-30 minutes.

Q: Are you ordained?
A: Yes, I am an ordained minister (since 1982) and have twenty years of pastoral experience.

Q: How flexible are you on the flow of the ceremony?
A: I believe that a wedding should represent the personality and views of the couple.

Q: Will you do our wedding if one or both of us has been divorced?
A: Yes. I have personally experienced the pain of divorce, but God has given me a second chance by allowing me to love and marry an awesome woman, Michelle.

Q: Do you require counseling?
A: No, but I do recommend couples seek counseling on their own if possible. It can only help strengthen the relationship.

Q: Will you marry people of different faiths?
A: I like to evaluate each couple and situation on their own unique merit.

Q: Is there any couple you wouldn't marry?
A: I am very open minded. I have done Catholic/Protestant, Buddhist/Muslim, Jewish/Orthodox, etc. and many other interesting variations. There is one combination that I try to avoid: the dreaded and infamous MSU/UM union! With few exceptions, light (MSU) and darkness (UM) do not mix well! Yes, I am an AVID MSU fan and enjoy agitating the Maize and Blue faithful!! It is one of my unique callings in life.

Q: How many weddings have you done?
A: Over 600 as of November 2018.

Q: How far will you travel?
A: Most of my wedding are in the southern half of the lower peninsula. However, I have done weddings on Mackinaw Island, Charlevoix, San Francisco, Indiana & Ohio and of course, Michigan State University...  GO GREEN!