A little family background.
Phillip Rogers is the perfect pastor to perform your wedding.
  • I was born on Christmas Day, 1959
  • I am an ordained minister and graduated from Southwestern Seminary (in Fort Worth, Tx) with a Masters Degree in Theology
  • I grew up in a pastor's home which gave me weekly exposure to weddings, funerals and many other church events. These opportunities helped me develop a genuine love and concern for people. I look back and see many advantages to this positive interaction with people.
  • I was a pastor of the New Focus Community Church. New Focus applied the truth from the Bible to everyday life in contemporary and relevant ways. Weekly messages dealt with topics like marriage, parenting, finances, getting along with the in-laws (extremely helpful for NEWLYWEDS!), and many other practical issues. New Focus was truly a church ahead of its time.
  • I thoroughly enjoy meeting with young couples and helping them begin their marriage with a personal and inspirational ceremony. Therefore, the ceremony itself can be as diverse as the couple would like it to be. Options include traditional, nontraditional, religious or non-religious. Most ceremonies actually include elements from several of these categories (strength through diversity).

  • The first half of the ceremony highlights the word "LOVE" in outline form:
    • Leave some things in the past
    • Open your hearts to unconditional love
    • VOYAGE (This is a life long journey)
    • Enjoy the benefits of your relationship
  • The second half of the ceremony involves the traditional aspects: Vows, exchange of the rings, unity candle and prayers. The entire ceremony takes about twenty minutes.

Note: This ceremony has been well-received from people with different religious and cultural backgrounds.

  • Phillip and his wife, Michelle, were married on May 22, 2004. Their recent marriage gives them great insight and empathy (to the challenges) in helping couples plan their wedding. Michelle is a gifted vocalist with a Bachelor's degree in music. She is available to sing at weddings and other special events.

A Deeper History
We all have walked the road of life and here is a little about my family.My Grandparents were married during the Great Depression years. Their wedding party consisted of two witnesses and a minister. There was no fancy reception or exotic honeymoon. They barely had a dime to their name. In fact, they were so poor, they had to live with his parents for the first months of their marriage. (Ladies, how would you like to begin your marriage living with your in-laws?) Through the years they never had a lot of money. They lived in small homes and drove average cars. They raised three children and spoiled seven grandchildren. They never owned a computer, fax, cell phone, pager, VCR or DVD. Near the end of their lives, they lived in a small cozy house along an unpaved road on the same land his father lived on, in rural Arkansas. They owned eighty acres of land and a modest assortment of possessions accumulated through almost eight decades of life. Their net worth would not have impressed Fortune or Forbes. Some would say they didn't have a lot… and they would be SO wrong. They embraced and embodied the purest and richest form of love that I have ever witnessed. They were married sixty years and until the day he died, it was as if they were still enjoying the honeymoon they never could afford. Till the end they acted like newlyweds. I have never seen a couple SO MUCH IN LOVE. They shared a love that most millionaires and CEO's will never know. They were rich in all the ways that counted most. Hugh and Amy Rogers were my grandparents and they lived and left a legacy of love that no sum of money could ever match or manufacture. Question: What was their secret? Answer: Please read the T.D. Jakes excerpt on marriage. He describes the love Amy and Hugh enjoyed. My prayer is that you will experience it too!